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Philosophy of Care

Our Philosophy: Centered in youth and family well-being


We believe in innovation with state-of-the-art services, so that people get the right help at the right time. We believe in welcoming everyone in an environment that fosters healing, growth and a higher standard of mental health and substance abuse care. And above all, we believe in hope and transformation—by doing everything possible to foster that possibility in each of us.

The vision for Amberwing, led by the Miller-Dwan Foundation came from a dedicated group of mental health professionals, family and community members who visualized creating a wellness center that would be based on key philosophical beliefs about how to best provide care and reduce the unnecessary stigma associated with mental illness and substance abuse. The following statement articulates those beliefs and serves as our pledge to carry them out in our decisions and practices.

Our Beliefs

  • Mental Health is critical to the well being of young people, their families and the community.
  • A facility designed specifically for youth and family care allows for state-of-the-art, holistic mental health/substance abuse services.
  • Early and effective intervention saves lives and helps youth adopt healthy life patterns at an early age.
  • Treatment programming emphasizes the application of evidence-based practices.
  • Family education and involvement are critical for successful outcomes.
  • Access to streamlined and seamless mental health and substance abuse services allows more people to get the help they need and leads to better results.
  • A vibrant center for education and resources will remove barriers to care and help our region better understand mental health and substance abuse.
  • Our approach provides the best stewardship of mental health dollars.

Our Pledge

At Amberwing, we help children, families, and our community gain greater mental wellness by teaching the skills necessary to build hope, ensure recovery and increase resilience.

Amberwing is designed to provide a safe haven conducive to family well-being and healing and specific to young people’s developmental needs. From its comfortable, calming spaces, to its colors and imagery, the essence of nature is brought inside. Space is flexible and provides options for a variety of non-traditional therapies.

Accessible, comprehensive treatment in a welcoming, youth-focused facility can be linked to suicide prevention and stigma reduction. Amberwing programming restores peace of mind and body to youth and families.

Care providers will be selected not only for their commitment to a model of family- and community-based care, but also for their expertise in use of evidence-based treatments. Care providers will not only be expected to maintain their highest level of professional certification, but also to dedicate themselves to a culture of ongoing learning and teaching among Amberwing staff.

Amberwing offers family education programs at convenient times by including family therapies as part of all care plans, and by offering unique opportunities for family fun and bonding.

Studies show that involved and informed families greatly improve treatment outcomes. At Amberwing, family participation increases a child’s receptivity to treatment and helps them apply newly learned coping strategies at home and in school. Parents understand how their own behavior helps or hinders their child’s progress which prompts continued recovery after the program ends.

One of the main challenges families face when seeking help for their child is the long wait to be seen by a mental health professional. At Amberwing, practitioners are very conscious of the immediate need for care and do everything they can to provide prompt service. Skilled practitioners coordinate as needed with other agencies and smooth the transition between providers, assuring hope in the midst of their struggle.

Amberwing plays a proactive role in advancing and promoting mental wellness. Through dynamic, high-quality resources and education, Amberwing offers a broad spectrum of support in our region. Seminars, public events and a professionally-staffed resource center helps our community learn about mental illness, chemical dependency and addiction and its impact on children, families. Amberwing is a comprehensive center for those who seek additional support as they work to achieve greater mental wellness.

Amberwing was created for our region by the Miller-Dwan Foundation, Essentia Health and people who passionately believe children deserve the best mental health care possible. Children and families are provided with the right care at the right time, ensuring the best possible outcomes. Appropriate spending of limited health dollars and continued philanthropic support allows for Amberwing’s ongoing success and future growth.

Above all, we believe in hope and transformation - by doing everything possible to foster that possibility in each of us.
Above all, we believe in hope and transformation — by doing everything possible to foster that possibility in each of us.
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